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  • June 1, 2023

    There are the words "Home Services" that go along with the company name, West Egg Inspections. This may include some simple home maintenance, light remodeling, lawn mowing, snow removal, and sometimes every once in a while making picture frames. I've had several friends ask me about the frames I make for the puzzles that are mounted on my garage wall. I thought a YouTube video would be a good way to show how I cut the materials and assemble the frame.

  • May 24, 2023

    I've landed my first major project as a HUD consultant!!! Very excited to manage and oversee the remodeling of a 100+ year old home in East St. Paul where the buyer has agreed to ~$75,000 in repairs and upgrades. Even as a teenager I've always loved working on homes with my Dad and I've continued that passion with the ten different homes I've owned during my life-to-date. This new venture allows me to work with contractors and feel that high while having money come in vs. money go out. It is going to look beautiful when it is finished.

  • May 19, 2023

    Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make, and it’s crucial to ensure that you’re making an informed decision. Hiring a licensed home inspector can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing the true condition of the property. Here are some of the benefits: Identify Potential Problems Safety Save Money Peace of Mind Negotiation Power Read full article below.

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  • Home

    WE KNOW INSPECTIONS. InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector® What is a home inspection? A home inspection is a visual examination of the home's major structure, systems and components that are visible and safely accessible. The inspector should substantially adhere to a standards of practice that outlines what should be covered during a general home inspection, as well as what is excluded. The inspector should provide you with a written report, which may include photos and/or recommendations, of his or her findings of the inspection. Why should you consider a home inspection? Ensure the home you buy is a good investment Home inspections provide an opportunity for a buyer to identify any major issues with a home before closing. The first clue that a home inspection is important is that it can be used as a contingency in a contract with the seller. This contingency provides that if a home inspection reveals significant defects, a prospective buyer typically can back out of the purchase offer, free of penalty, within a specific timeframe. A home is likely the biggest purchase you will make It's important to understand the condition of your investment. A non-invasive examination will be provided of the home’s accessible structure, systems and components. While a home inspection is not a prediction of future conditions, and cannot reveal every concern that exists (or ever could exist), it will significantly reduce anxiety by arming the buyer with the knowledge needed to make an informed home-buying decision. Understand maintenance costs before purchase A home requires ongoing maintenance and this will require money. Things wear out and break. When putting together a budget for buying a home, it will depend on the home’s condition. A newer home is less likely to need maintenance than an older home. The summary page will highlight conditions found in the home as follows: Minor Concern (Maintenance & Information) Moderate Concern (Attention Recommended) Major Concern (Critical / Important) Ensure that your home will be a safe place to live Safety issues such as electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC systems, broken windows, etc. is the second most important item to look at during a home inspection. (Structure and foundation are No. 1) If safety issues are discovered during a home inspection, a buyer could go back to the seller (via a repair request), and ask for either 1) the safety hazards to be fixed or 2) receive an appropriate credit towards the home price if the item will not be fixed by the seller.

  • Services

    Services Home Inspection (Pre and Post Purchase) Make Sure You're Making a Wise Investment Buying a home is a huge investment. Protect your investment by setting up a home inspection service before you buy OR after you have moved in. (More and more homeowners are choosing this option given today's housing market). You can rely on West Egg Inspections and Home Services LLC to provide you with an honest home inspection report before you make your final decision. Even if the inspection was waived to purchase the house, we can provide a thorough inspection to ensure that your home is safe for your family and there are no major issues that will require an emergency repair / fix. It is better to be informed and make a plan and budget to address any issues found. Read More. Pre-Sale Inspection Prepare Your Home Before You List It When you sell your home, a potential buyer will most likely want to have the home inspected. If they find problems, they may want to negotiate, demand repairs or even back out of the deal. You can avoid these delays and headaches by investing in a pre-sale home inspection. Our home inspector will perform a complete inspection of your house. We’ll provide you with a full report of our findings and work directly with you and your realtor to let you know what needs to be done before you list your house. Radon Testing No matter where you are in America, your home may be exposed to dangerous radon gas. Radon is a natural, radioactive gas which is produced when uranium in the Earth’s crust decays, and turns into radium. Outdoors, radon will naturally dissipate harmlessly into the atmosphere as it rises through the crust. But in homes, it can become trapped, which is dangerous for the health of you and your family. Radon is colorless and odorless, and it is extremely carcinogenic. According to the EPA, radon is the second leading contributor to the development of lung cancer, just before smoking. For this reason, regular radon testing is key whether you’re a homeowner, or you’re interested in purchasing a home. Read More. 11 Month Inspection Use It Before You Lose It An 11th month inspection (or a one-year inspection for some builders) allows the homeowner to have any blemishes, flaws, or issues remedied. Before that one-year is up, you want to hire a home inspector to investigate the house for anything you might not have noticed or see is happening. This kind of inspection is a full look at your home. Make sure you know what you’re getting and opt for a full evaluation before your builder’s warranty expires. Handyman Services Light Construction / Home Maintenance I've been a homeowner since I turned 23 years of age and purchased my first house in Mounds View, MN. I've purchased eight other houses as my career and life provided additional opportunities to move about the country and / or upgrade. During that time I've taken on many different projects from small to large. Numerous fences, decks, finished basements, painting, trim, installing doors, windows, lights, etc. for both me and my friends & family. I love DIY projects. Each project is different but I would love to hear what you are planning and if I can help.

  • About

    Meet the Owner! Tim Rubash Owner and CPI Tim Rubash is trained and certified with AHIT (American Home Inspectors Training), the largest home inspector training organization in the United States. He is a Certified Professional Inspector and member of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) as well as MAHI (Midwest Association of Home Inspectors). Tim also has a license from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to perform radon measurements (RMEA-00437) and is registered with the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) as a Radon Measurement Professional (NRPP ID 112523-RMP). Tim has a mechanical engineering degree and over 35 years of experience with a Fortune 500 company with leadership responsibilities in project management & plant / maintenance engineering. He also has 40 years of experience repairing and improving homes. He is actively involved as an AARP Tax-Aide and teaches Financial Peace University at his church. His goal is to guide his clients to ensure an informed decision is made in the home buying process. All homes require regular maintenance and repairs but there are issues that may be found only during a professional inspection that reveal "material defects". Education and coaching are two essential strategies to ensure a positive experience. *A material defect is a specific issue with a system or component of a residential property that may have a significant, adverse impact on the value of the property, or that poses an unreasonable risk to people. ​ In addition to home inspections, West Egg also provides light maintenance / repair and remodeling work. Due to the perception of conflict of interest, we will NOT work on, or correct, items found during one of our inspections. InterNACHI® The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors – InterNACHI® – is the world’s largest trade organization of residential and commercial property InterNACHI® inspectors are trained and certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the world’s largest association of residential and commercial property inspectors. InterNACHI® provides its members with accredited training and education, free benefits, expert advice, and peer support—all to help them serve their homeowner-clients with the highest-quality inspections for their largest investments. As an InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector®: ​ I'm required to stay up to date with the industry’s most rigorous Continuing Education through online, video and live training courses, which have been awarded more than 1,400 approvals and accreditations by governmental and other agencies; I adhere to a c omprehensive Standards of Practice to ensure that you receive a detailed and accurate home inspection; I abide by a strict Code of Ethics, which puts my clients first and protects their rights as consumers; and I use state-of-the-art inspection tools and reporting software so that my clients can make informed decisions about the homes they want to buy or sell.. ​ The "badges" or logos above with the word InterNACHI are classes that I have successfully taken in support of my educational commitment to this profession. AHIT American Home Inspection Training (AHIT) has been providing industry-leading home inspector t​raining, certifications, continuing education, and professional development courses since 1993. MAHI Midwest Association of Home Inspectors (MAHI) is consistently having discussions and working with the associations, organizations, and schools that are involved with our industry such as the Minnesota Association of Realtors, Minneapolis Association of Realtors, St. Paul Area Association of Realtors, Kaplan School, and American Home Inspection Training. We are always working to improve our industry, improve our relationship with Realtors, improve the education and training for home inspectors, and to work as a team to help buyers and sellers with the purchase or sale of their home. We are committed to educating our clients about the home before they take any action to buy or sell. Minneapolis Association of Realtors As an affiliate member I can partner with the REALTOR® association to bring more value to the home selling / buying process. Supra is a leading global provider of key management solutions. The Supra real estate lockbox system is managed today by real estate associations and Multiple Listing Services for real estate agents to efficiently market and show listed homes. I can access homes without the buyer / listing agent present ShowingTime is a third party app that allows affiliate partners to manage and schedule their own inspection windows so that inspectors can operate more independently of the real estate agents and still keep them informed of the process.

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