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October 26, 2021

I am already entertaining questions from friends and family as to why "West Egg". It comes from the novel "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald that I have enjoyed reading.

First of all, the author is a native of St. Paul, MN so there is already a hometown connection.

Second, the difference between the two fictional towns of East Egg and West Egg. East Egg is a place of residence for the people who inherited their wealth, while West Egg is a place where people who worked for their wealth lived. East Egg was used to refer to the places where those with inherited or “Old” money live. I feel I have worked hard in my career for the better part of my life. I would have definitely lived in West Egg with Jay Gatsby. I also enjoy hosting parties but nothing as lavish as in the novel.

Third, I live on a small lake with my beautiful bride in a suburb of St. Paul and have a dock similar to the picture on the left which I have incorporated into my logo. While there is not a physical green light across the lake (nor Daisy Buchanan) it does symbolize my hopes and dreams of starting a new career in Home Inspection as I gaze at the other houses across the water.

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